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"Dude! Lay off that damn razor! Sincerely, your Face" #feedyourbeard #beardbalm


    "Dude! Lay off that damn razor! Sincerely, your Face" #feedyourbeard #beardbalm

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  8. emptyclutter said: So what is it like when you get a craving to be intimate with a man while you are married? Does your wife allow you to express that or do you suppress that desire?

    well, there was a time when i had a FWB.  but that friend’s wife found out and it all came to a crashing end.  my wife was on the fence about it, but allowed it.  this was a few years ago now.  recently i have asked my wife if that could happen again assuming i find the right guy.  she vetoed it.  it sucks, but i understand her point-of-view.  the concept of it causes her insecurities to claw at her insides.  i cope.  it isn’t so bad.  i am happily married.  sex life is good.  i love being with her and i love being a dad.  i would never give any of that up.

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  9. never fails

    i always lose followers after posting sexy pics.

    sorry* folks. in a bearish mood.

    *not sorry

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Morning butt


    Morning butt

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Morning bum continued


    Morning bum continued

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  14. إذا تم العقل نقص الكلام
    The smarter you get the less you speak
    – Arabic Proverb (via suspend)

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Kitty Kisses


    Kitty Kisses

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